Once More, With Glee

TV guru Michael Ausiello is reporting that Joss Whedon, Mr. Buffy himself, will be directing an episode on Glee later in the season. Joss, of course, is no stranger to musical comedy, since he’s the guy who gave us “Once More With Feeling” and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. No word yet on the subject matter or plot points of the episode in question. Maybe the characters will start to blow up if they sing and dance for too long. Or maybe Dawn will show up and ruin the state championship for everyone!

And in case you haven’t been watching Glee, our sweet and sexy Gay Comic Geek just did an excellent recap of the series so far and all the characters and plot points you need to know. But in a review about a musical show, don’t you think he should have done a little singing himself?

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