The Mayans Warned Us

If you were afraid American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert might give up on love in the face of a global cataclysm, rest easy. Mr. Lambert makes his way through the debris and human suffering in this video for the 2012 love theme without even mussing his hair. Frankly, I’m glad 2012 has a soaring power ballad. It means that the enormity of the end of the world will be boiled down to the adventures of two-star crossed lovers trying to get to each other before the whole thing blows up. The only mystery is whether it will be two teens in love or an ex-husband and wife, with the husband trying to make up for his history of absence or work-related emergencies. I’m guessing he’ll either be a geologist or an expert on Mayan culture, or both. Let’s watch!

Time For Miracles,t=1,mt=video
Adam Lambert | MySpace Video

So, remember, kids. If the world is coming to an end, just follow Adam Lambert. He will lead you to safety.