TV Report: Big News in Smallville

Apparently, it’s a Smallville world after all. The FBOTU Watchtower was inundated today with news reports about everyone’s favorite TV show about the middle-aged superboy who just won’t pull on his tights. First, we have a teaser clip of this week’s upcoming episode, featuring…and I’ve been waiting years to write these words…the Wonder Twins! Let’s watch.

Well, they’re appropriately creepy, I’ll give them that. Following tradition, Zan is definitely the cuter twin. We’ll see how he looks as a bucket of water. The next bit of Smallville news I have for you is even more exciting than the Wonder Twins! How is that possible? Two words: Amanda Waller. Wait, I have two words that are even better than that: Pam Grier. Yes!


So, why Pam and not CCH Pounder, who’s been voicing the role in animation for years? That is a mystery. As much as I like Ms. Pounder, I am giddy beyond all reason to see Pam be cold, nasty and manipulative. I’d like to see her knock Chloe down a peg or two. She’s getting a little too cocky, if you ask me. But what is Ms. Waller doing in Smallville, you ask? That leads to my final bit of news: the Justice Society is coming!

First imagined as a two-part episode, the word now is that the CW is going to present it as a special Smallville TV movie event! DC scribe Geoff Johns has written the episodes (“Society” and “Legends”), which will allegedly feature Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Stargirl. If you told me a year ago that I’d be this excited about Smallville‘s ninth season, I would have slapped you across the face. All this, plus Justin Hartley (aka Oliver Queen) taking his shirt off every week? It’s a good time to be a fanboy.

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