Brain Damage: Here in Duckburg

I was raised by television, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Probably the biggest difference between my father’s generation and my own is that he most likely never woke up in the morning humming the theme to Ducktales. I don’t think I was dreaming about Uncle Scrooge and the gang, so it must have just been my brain doing some reorganizing or spring cleaning, like, “I should really go through all those old 80s theme songs and get rid of a few.”

I was way into Ducktales back in the day. With clever references to literature, history and geography, it was the toon that rewarded smart kids. I remember reading Shakespeare for the first time and thinking, “Wait a minute. This guy is ripping off Ducktales.” (I had the same reaction regarding Citizen Kane and The Simpsons.) I loved all the characters (except for Launchpad, the avian equivalent of Orko), but my heart belonged to Magica de Spell and June Foray’s hilarious portrayal of the vaguely Eastern European villainess.

Years later, I actually met one of the writers from the show and she let me hold her Emmy. A word of advice, though. Nothing gets an Emmy snatched out of your hands faster than admitting you’re over 30 and have a plush Webigail Vanderquack in your collection. So, in honor of a great show and a great theme that will be stuck in my head all day, I share the madness with you: