Bring on the Justice!

Smallville returned from hiatus this past weekend with another Oliver-heavy story. I’m not complaining, though. I could watch Justin Hartley make with the sad eyes all day. It was a serviceable episode overall, but what I’m really excited about in the Smallville universe is the upcoming Absolute Justice movie event! Here are two slightly different teaser trailers:


I have a feeling Michael Shanks as Hawkman is going to be a new crush. Here’s hoping he becomes a regular. Now, just for good measure, here’s the Canadian promo with a few additional scenes:


So, what do you think? Excited? Skeptical? Enraged? Personally, I’m looking forward to some costumed heroes inspiring Clark to ditch the trench coat and (super)man up. Pull on the tights, boy! You’re not getting any younger!


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