FBOTU Book Club: Three Weeks to Go!

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Last week we announced our next FBOTU Book Club selection: The Magician and the Fool by Barth Anderson. Hopefully, everyone has taken steps to buy or borrow a copy. Just don’t steal a copy, okay? Writers have to eat, too.

If you haven’t gotten the book yet, what are you waiting for? I’ve read it twice already! Plus, I got one of those new highlighter pens that also has the little Post-It Notes built into it, so I’ve been marking meaningful passages throughout the book, like: “Eskimo.” So, let’s get cracking! It’s like I’ve always said, “Reading…is fundamental.”

Discussion of the book will begin on Wednesday, March 3 in the Books Forum.

You can purchase The Magician and the Fool at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders or wherever gay mysteries and thrillers are sold.

Happy reading!

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