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Tonner Takes a Trip in the TARDIS


These pillars of pop culture plastic were teased as “Coming Soon” on Tonner’s website for ages. I even signed up to be notified the second they became available. Naturally, I received no such communication. But then, the Doctor and his friends don’t appear to be available to order just yet, though they are listed under the 2010 collection. I don’t know how final these images are, so I won’t be too critical. I will say that the sculpts on Captain Jack and Martha Jones are impressively accurate. Gwen…well, they were kind to Gwen. And the Doctor looks more like post-Botox John Barrowman than our beloved David Tennant. I’m curious why they started with Martha as a companion, instead of Rose. Probably a likeness issue.

If you’re already pulling out your credit card, beware. Jack will cost you $199.99. Gwen, of course, is a bargain at $169.99. Martha is $174.99, and the Doctor is $179.99. Wait, Jack is the most expensive? Not so fast. The Doctor is $179.99 without his trademark trench. The coat is sold separately for $49.99. (It’s genuine faux suede and fully lined.) So, the whole package will run you close to $775. I have resisted buying any Tonner dolls thus far, though I suspect I’m close to giving in and getting Miss Piggy. Realistically, though, would I invest in these, even in a late-night, drunken moment of weakness?

The problem is I’m still furious with Jack because of Children of Earth. I even removed my Captain Jack action figures from my display case. I’d be most likely to get the Doctor, but only if I knew a Donna Noble doll was coming. Oo, if they had a Donna doll, I’d probably forget the Doctor and the rest all together and start customizing a Lauren Cooper.

Just in case, we will keep tabs on this line and see what develops.

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