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If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you know that Sheldon Cooper is a brilliant physicist, comic book geek and hopeless misanthrope. But fashion plate? Viewers with a proclivity towards the sartorial have developed an appreciation for Sheldon’s seemingly endless supply of geeky, intellectual and artistic t-shirts. If you’ve ever admired one of Sheldon’s shirts and wondered where you could get one for your own, wonder no more. A clever and devoted site called has taken up the task to chronicle, research and display as much of Sheldon’s wardrobe as possible, including when he wore it and where you can buy it. Sheldon’s not alone, though. They’ve also researched a good number of Leonard‘s science and sci-fi shirts, as well as Howard‘s belt buckles. So, if you’ve always wanted Sheldon’s caffeine molecule shirt or his bright green manbot tee, check out the site and start shopping.

Note: Sadly, no socks and underpants section yet.

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