WonderCon 2010 Recap: Silliness Unleashed

Our Busy Little Booth (Not Pictured: Me)

Greetings from beautiful San Francisco and from WonderCon, where there are more cute guys per capita than any other con in the world. Holy frak! The cute guys are overwhelming! And I’ve been luring them one by one to Booth #215 with free t-shirts and buttons. Day One was a lot of fun. Our space is much, much smaller than I was anticipating, but we all snuggled in and became fast friends. Rich, from Whatever Comics (in the Castro), is hosting us, and he’s been a peach. FBOTU is sharing table space with Brian Andersen (So Super Duper) and Desmond Miller (Robinson Crusoe in the 6th Dimension). I got to meet a lot of FBOTU fans and site members, and the Twitter giveaways have been a lot of fun. So, thanks to everyone who stopped by or came running when I tweeted about our prize giveaways! We’ll have more throughout the weekend, including t-shirts and 2010 FBOTM Calendars. Plus, if you stop by in costume, I might just give you both!

Yay! Spandex!

I took a break mid-day to catch the “Funny Queers” panel. Brian was there, of course, as well as my beloved Joey Alison Sayers, who I’m openly stalking. She’s funnier than any human has a right to be, and if I weren’t such a big fan, I’d be very, very jealous.

Ms. Sayers Saying Something Hilarious

Things slowed down a bit towards the end of the day, which gave me a little time to do some artist recruiting. It’s very hush-hush, but rumor has it I’m in the very early stages of producing a Fanboys of the Universe comic book, and I’m looking for artists to collaborate on what will undoubtedly be the greatest book in the history of the multiverse. So, if you’re an artist and you want to get involved, please stop by and say hi.

Preston Gets Some Lovin’ at Booth #215

All in all, Day One was a blast and felt a little like Geek Camp. I got to talk about Doctor Who, Blackest Night and hot guys all in one afternoon! I also learned that free buttons are very popular with little kids, who are NOT in my demographic. I lost count of the number of toddlers I saw walking around with one of my “gay geek” buttons pinned to their little OshKosh clothes. I’m just going to have to explain to them that “Unless your daddy is familiar with the loving touch of another man, you’re of no use to me.”

Saturday will be the biggest and busiest day, but don’t forget to stop by Booth #215 and say hi! And follow us on Twitter to get the giveaway announcements as they happen! See you at Day Two!

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