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Toy Review: “You’re Just Yellow Trash”


Little. Yellow. Evil. Our favorite jaundiced warrior goddess has arrived! Masters of the Universe Classics just released Evil-Lyn. She is certainly one of the more popular MOTU characters, and it’s not hard to see why. She’s a bad girl. She’s got attitude. And, let’s be honest here, she’s probably the only competent minion Skeletor has. Did I mention the Egyptian eyeliner and green eyeshadow? She is daring, I give her that. This new version of Lyn hearkens back to the original, skipping the purple and gray scheme of the 200X model. Like her plastic ancestor, Lyn is a repaint of Teela‘s body, though she comes with new weapons and head sculpt. Included in her arsenal are a dagger, crystal ball (for seeing the evil future) and two options for the length of the ball’s staff. Lyn is also accompanied by Screeech (the evil battle bird, not the evil Saved By the Bell character). Screeech comes with armor and a stand. Lyn’s face sculpt is…different. We haven’t seen this expression on an Evil-Lyn figure before. The original 80s Lyn sported a sneer; the 200X version took a stab at nonchalance; but this version…is pretty, to be sure, but mine looks like she’s in a perpetual state of surprise. That can certainly be attributed to the paint job and the combination of the arched eyebrows, wide eyes and rather stunned looking mouth. It’s as if she’s always wondering, “Twenty dollars? Really?”

Still, I love my Lyn and appreciate the details, like the metallic paint highlights and her blue fingernails. I wish they’d gone ahead and applied the light blue or metallic blue to the fur on her boots, but that’s a minor quibble. Plus, the less said about the silly bio Mattel has provided her, the better. I’m just glad Skeletor finally has his power-hungry henchwoman at his side, and Teela finally has someone to annoy her. And Lyn…well, Lyn is just happy (and surprised) to be here.

On the FBOTU Scale of Fabulousness, I give Masters of the Universe Classics’ Evil-Lyn 3 out of 5 surprised, yellow emoticons: gulp gulp gulp