Captain American Costume Tests Revealed!


Last week, reported on seeing costume tests for the upcoming Captain America movie, starring studly superhero Chris Evans. Today, came through with the actual test images. The image above, as well as the others on AICN, are reportedly the second version Cap wears in the movie, or the combat version of the costume. Apparently, he wears a different version earlier, something described as being more flamboyant and theatrical.

I had a feeling they would get rid of the wings. Frankly, I’m surprised they’ve kept the “A” on his forehead. I’m glad to see the colors have remained true to the origins and weren’t changed to an all-black ensemble. Remember, these are still test images and probably aren’t 100% final. For all we know, they were leaked to generate buzz and nothing more. Missing, of course, is an image of the back of the costume. I really can’t make a final judgment until I see Chris’s ass.

So, what do you think?