First Look: Team Coco


Filming on the new Conan movie just wrapped, so we’ve been treated to a still from the film to help get us all hot and bothered in anticipation of the 2011 release. Jason Momoa strikes a suitably smoldering pose as the barbarian who must avenge the death of his father and village and loincloth tailor and who knows what else. I’m not familiar with Mr. Momoa’s career, but I’m told he was in Stargate: Atlantis and is far more articulate than Mr. Schwarzenegger was (or is). This is certainly a plus, because I like a man who can fill a loincloth, kill an army and still discuss Chaucer before a night of passionate, barbaric lovin’.

And can I just say that I love the hair?! One of my deepest, darkest secrets is that I drool over guys with long hair. Hopefully, Conan will be a big hit and will usher in a new era of long, lovely locks on guys. It’s about time we take long hair back from those Chippendales whores. Go Coco!

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