Comic-Con 2010: Get Connected


This is it, kids. Comic-Con 2010 starts this evening with Preview Night at the San Diego Convention Center. If you’re as wildly unprepared as I am, please allow me to assist you. Whether you’re attending the show or checking in from afar to get the latest news and inside info, you can follow the exploits of Fanboys of the Universe in several fun and easy ways. Let’s list them, shall we?

1. Twitter
This will be the main go-to, I think, for distributing information from the show. I will be tweeting from panels, the vendor floor and the Prism Comics booth throughout the weekend.

Well, this goes without saying. I’ll be posting daily blog entries on the main page, summing up each day’s events. This will also be where I post any podcasts or videos. Plus, you should check the Forums to see if any site members post pics or recaps. 

3. Facebook
I will funnel alerts through Facebook when there are updates to the main page, or if something particularly earth-shattering occurs (like meeting Dolph Lundgren).

4. Foursquare
The Prism Comics booth will be available as a check-in location on Foursquare, as are many other exhibitors and events at the show. If you want to know each and every time I go to the Mattel booth, or when FBOTMs stop by Prism, or what bar I’m stumbling into or out of, just add FBOTU as a friend. I just signed up for this, so I have exactly zero friends. Come join me, won’t you?

And that’s it. Wow! Remember when I used to go to Comic-Con with a pencil, some paper and a heart full of dreams. Well, thankfully all that has been replaced by the cold, lifeless hand of technology. Yay!

So, be sure to follow the FBOTU shenanigans all weekend long! Wish me luck. Here I go.

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