A Great Deal on the Best in Gay Spec Fiction


I’ve got great news for fans of gay spec fiction! And by spec fiction, I mean the good stuff: fantasy, horror and sci-fi. And all gay-themed! Lethe Press is having a subscription drive for Icarus: The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction. We’ve featured Icarus right here on FBOTU and have even podcasted with Lethe Press publisher/dreamboat Steve Berman.

I love Icarus. If you’re a gay geek of any flavor or persuasion, Icarus is nothing less than food for the soul. The stories are rich and diverse, and I’ve discovered so many talented authors to obsess about. And now you can get a subscription super cheap and super easy. Check out the special offers:

Gets you 4 issues, starting with either the Summer or Fall 2010 issue (your choice). That’s a $12 savings!

Gets you the 4 issues, plus a FREE copy of any Lethe Press title. (I’d recommend Pumpkin Teeth by Tom Cardamone for FBOTU Book Club members. Hint hint.)

Gets you a 2-year subscription, plus a FREE copy of any Lethe Press title.

Current Subscribers
You can add another year to your subscription for only $35!

This deal is open to both US and international readers, so don’t miss out! You can see past issues of Icarus here.

To take advantage of this fabulous offer, just send your order and payment via Paypal to If you have any questions, or would prefer to pay by check or, I don’t know, Halo credits, just email to make arrangements. Be sure to tell them FBOTU sent you! (Unless you try the Halo thing, in which case, I will completely disavow all knowledge of such chicanery.)

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