Comics Load Extra: Love, Larfleeze


If you thought yesterday’s Comics Load was missing something, you weren’t alone. Site member Jekolman pointed out a glaring omission in my reading list: Green Lantern #56. Well, of course I read it; I just forgot to mention it. I’m no Green Lantern expert, so I really have no idea who or what Hector Hammond is. In fact, when someone at Comic-Con told me I looked like Hector Hammond, I just smiled and said, “Thank you.” I realize now it was a reference to my abnormally large head. Well, thank you very much, Brian Andersen.

Green Lantern #56 starts with good, old Hector, who apparently didn’t put the lotion on its skin, since it’s getting the hose again. I haven’t a clue why they’re hosing him down, or why Orko is floating around what I guess is the prison casino, mind-melding with Hector, but all of this, and the mice with the giant brains, is just a prelude to the real star of the show. You guessed it: Larfleeze is back! He’s apparently settled in a national park in Minnesota, where he’s collected and constructed quite a mountain of loot. He’s been watching commercials, after all. The local sheriff asks Hal to investigate (and maybe find his patrol car and his wife’s pink flamingo, while he’s at it).

At Comic-Con, Geoff Johns promised a Christmas special featuring Larfleeze, and you can tell he’s laying the groundwork for that in this issue. Hal finds Lar, surrounded by trees adorned with Christmas lights, writing a letter to Santa, which requires a lot of concentration, since he’s asking for, well, everything. Because Hal is a total bitch, he spills the beans about Santa, but Lar doesn’t care. He intends to get what the fat man owes him. Sitting atop his very own Mount Crumpit, it’s not hard to imagine Larfleeze as the Grinch, and I’m really looking forward to his Christmas adventure. It’s a shame it’s not being animated and shown on CBS with Charlie Brown and those mice with the giant brains who break the Christmas clock.

This book is actually not about how Larfleeze stole and/or saved Christmas. This book is about Hal needing to know how to trap an entity. Larfleeze did it, so how hard could it be? My god, that Hal is a bitch. Anyway, before Hal can bully the information out of Lar, Hector shows up on an entity mission of his own.

Larfleeze is arguably the greatest literary creation since Jean Valjean. I’d like to caution Mr. Johns and the other DC writers to show some restraint, though. While he’s great comic relief, I don’t think any of us wants to see him become the wacky neighbor in a sitcom. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing him on Glee, you know, killing them all. As long as Johns and the other writers stay true to his character and use him wisely, I’m thrilled to see him taking the lead. Once he fixes things in Green Lantern, maybe we’ll see him show up in other DC titles. Maybe we’ll find out he’s got Wonder Woman‘s real costume buried somewhere in his pile of junk.

By the way, if you look closely, you’ll see the sheriff’s missing flamingo. Actually, it’s not hard to miss. Glomulus is having his way with it. Can’t wait for Christmas!