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What an Incredible Smell You’ve Discovered

I apologize for not having more coverage of Celebration V over the weekend. Since I was unable to attend, I was mostly pretending that it wasn’t happening. Maybe we can get reports from site members who attended. Then I’ll pretend they don’t exist. However, what I can’t simply ignore or pretend away via mental hydroplaning is the batch of exclusives available at the convention, including the olfactory fabulousness below.

Not to be outdone by the Trekkies and their line of fragrances (Shirtless Kirk?!), Star Wars fans now have their own perfumes and colognes to bathe in before heading out to liberate the galaxy.

First up, of course, is Slave Leia, which is a horrible name. They should have called it Chained or Captivated or even just Princess or something like that.


Here’s the description: “Whether you’re on a daring rescue mission or are being held captive by a nefarious slug/gangster, your regal bearing lets the world know that despite appearances, you’re no one’s servant. Fearless and inventive, Slave Leia perfume by Genki Wear includes floral top notes of white peach, lily, bergamot, heliotrope and raspberry that dry down to a warm, sultry mix of cashmere woods, musk and night-blooming jasmine.”

The little chain around the bottle is a nice touch. Next, we have Eau Lando, which is also a horrible name. Landeau would have been better.


I don’t know. I’m torn betweeen loving and hating the cape. It looks kind of cheap, but the idea is good.

Here’s the description: “You’ve rubbed fashionably-clothed elbows with with some of the most notorious bounty hunters, outlaws and gangsters in the galaxy, all the while maintaining your sophisticated appetites and an unquestionably cool style all your own. Classy and stylish, Eau Lando cologne by Genki Wear is a potent mix of mandarin, warmed with incense and lotus flower, exotic woods, dark violet and sensuous musk.”

Mmm…sensuous musk. At only $39.99, I can’t really pass these up. Plus, I’m looking forward to future products in the line, like Scoundrel or Tatooine Nights or Eau de Tauntaun.

You can buy Slave Leia and Eau Lando, as well as other Celebration V exclusives, at Action Figure Express.

P.S. It’s very telling, I think, that the FBOTU dictionary software recognizes both Tatooine and tauntaun.