Meet Team FBOTU

The evolution of Fanboys of the Universe has begun! I’m very pleased to introduce you to Team FBOTU. For some time now, I’ve been recruiting and vetting writers to contribute to the site, and I think I’ve assembled a top-notch roster of authors to take on the task of expanding the scope of FBOTU. It was always my goal to see the site grow and evolve, incorporating other voices and opinions, and becoming a more well-rounded source for news, discussion and entertainment. In the coming weeks, we’ll be incorporating contributions from Team FBOTU into the daily blog. Each of the new writers displays a wide range of interests and expertise, from comics to toys to movies to music. Plus, not only will fresh voices bring new energy and perspective to the site, but having additional contributors will also allow me to devote more time to the re-design and re-launch of the brand new Fanboys of the Universe!

We have some exciting changes in store, so read up on Team FBOTU below and please join me in welcoming them to the site! 

image Adam
Adam is a freelance writer based in exotic Rochester, New York. A pop culture junkie with a severe movie obsession, his geeky interests include constantly reorganizing his Netflix queue, reading, buying nerdy t-shirts, Twittering, not participating in sports and worshiping Joss Whedon. He thinks of his desk as just a really convenient place to display all his favorite toys. He’s addicted to iced coffee drinks, Mexican food and procrastination, and he thinks superheroes are hot.
image Brian
Born and raised on a beautiful, isolated island full of like-minded, toga-wearing geeks and weird kanga creatures, Brian was sent to America to be the champion of the nerdy, the dorky and the very, very gay. He does this by creating his own line of super queer indie comics, while also sharing his snarky, sassy ramblings in the form of grammatically incorrect reviews on the latest comic books released by the big boys. Brian hopes to bring a funny, saucy and enjoyably goofy spin (while also respecting the medium he treasures so dearly) to the usual thoughtful and brainy (i.e., boring) comics reviews you see floating around the ‘net.
image Eduard
Eduard is a California Boy with a BA in Musical Theater Arts. He loves writing, singing, dancing, acting and going to the theatre. Eduard loves movies and has gotten in trouble at times for his unconventional views on popular films. Never one to be swayed by the views of the masses, Eduard marches to the beat of his own (sometimes obscure) drummer. His favorites include classic and foreign films. Classic foreign films are even better! Though he keeps up with new releases, he tends to watch and re-watch old favorites, dissecting them and putting ‘em back together again. Eduard is looking forward to presenting his opinions and reviews on what’s current (and not so current) in pop culture.
image Johnny
Johnny has been a life-long fan of movies, music and books, ever since he could first rate such things on a scale of 1 to 10. He enjoys watching everything from classic silent films to recent action/adventure movies, and he’ll listen to any kind of music that doesn’t have a twang in the lead vocal. He’s an avid video game fan, focusing on role-playing and fighting games, but his favorites are often strange Japanese games that have to be seen to be believed. Johnny’s geek passions are deep and numerous, but his favorites include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Futurama, X-Men, Dungeons & Dragons, Final Fantasy, the Soulcalibur series and anything involving Milla Jovovich. WARNING: He will talk about these at length and in depth, even if you don’t ask him to.

Sean was born in a small town in the Northeastern part of Wyoming. From his earliest days, he had a keen interest in comics, toys, television and movies. Let’s face it, growing up in a rural area where winters tend to be cold and last for months, there’s not a whole lot to do if you’re not a rancher or a farmer or into girls. Eventually, Sean’s path led him through school to the big city of Los Angeles, where he works as a writer, editor and sometimes even a Union Costumer. Comics and toys have remained a HUGE part of his life, and for the last seven years, he and his partner Will have been feeding each other’s collecting habits, amassing a pretty good sized multi-themed collection. Remember, a Peter Pan complex can only help keep you young!

Welcome, guys! Good luck prying the site from my megalomaniacal grasp!

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