Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest: Results!

With over 90 entries in the Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest, the Gay Comic Geek and Class Comics really inspired a tidal wave of creativity and talent. You can check out the wall of entries here. It’s very impressive (and somewhat Warhol-ian) seeing 90+ naked or near-naked images of Paul all in one place. I thought I’d seen it all, but even I had to blush a little at some of the entries. But enough about me! Who the hell won? Here’s Paul, the Gay Comic Geek himself, to tell you:

Yeah, you have to go to or to see the “Naughty” winner. You’ve heard what Mr. Geek had to say, so what about Patrick Fillion, the undisputed kind of gay erotic comics? “I am absolutely blown away by the volume and sheer creativity of the entries,” Patrick said. “It’s incredibly exciting to see all of the enthusiasm fans have shown for this. I’m thrilled at what a success this little contest has been.”

The winner of the “Naughty” category will receive a print of the winning costume design as rendered by Mr. Fillion and autographed by both Patrick and Paul. Plus, a BIG LOAD from Class Comics, which contains all 43 of their current titles! The winner of the “Nice” category will see his design worn by the Gay Comic Geek in a future Fanboys of the Universe photo shoot. (Woohoo! That’s us!) Plus, he’ll get a Gay Comic Geek Super Bundle of awesome rare collectibles. When Paul offers you a big package, you take it!

The contest was a blast, and I’m glad we got to be part of it. Thanks to everyone who entered or told their friends to enter. And be sure to show Class Comics some love! Go buy something! Digital comics are all under $4.00. That’s insane! All your favorite Class Comics titles are there, including new releases, like Zahn #2 and Naked Justice Beginnings #2. Treat yourself today!

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