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Go Gaga for Halloween


Think Madonna‘s kicking herself for not thinking of this sooner? Rubie’s Costumes, the venerable American Halloween institution, presents their officially licensed Lady Gaga collection. The lineup for Halloween 2010 includes some of Gaga’s most recognizable fashion creations from her videos, performances and awards appearances. I kind of figure the gays who want to be Gaga for Halloween are going to put the time and effort into creating something from scratch, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a little something extra. The line also includes wigs and accessories, naturally.


I was a bit shocked at first, honestly, because as soon as there’s a Halloween costume and a lunch box, it feels very commercial to me. Is she selling out, or is it another step in her campaign to give herself completely to her fans? Or will having her fans dressed more authentically in her costumes just generate more media attention for her? I really wouldn’t mind seeing hordes of miniature Lady Gagas trick-or-treating this Halloween. If I were a little gay boy, I know I’d much rather be Gaga than Iron Man or some blue Avatar guy. If this line does well, maybe we’ll get an affordable pair of Gaga’s Alexander McQueen shoes from the “Bad Romance” video. I would wear those every day. 

The Rubie’s Lady Gaga line runs from $40 and up for costumes and $5.99 and up for accessories. The line is available at Entertainment Earth and wherever revolutionary pop diva fashion is sold.

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