First Look! January Jones as Emma Frost

When it was first announced that Mad Men‘s January Jones would be playing Emma Frost in Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: First Class, I was torn. If you’re familiar with her work on Mad Men, you know she’s pretty good at playing an ice princess, with just a hint of crazy mixed in. Who can forget this scene from the first season? But then, having seen Ms. Jones host Saturday Night Live, I’m a little concerned. Hopefully, it’s just comedy that she’s bad at, and her Emma Frost will be the perfect mix of glamour and villainy. However, judging from this shot from the set, she just looks kind of grumpy.

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You can see the rest of these shots at So, what do you think? The costume is fabulous, but is it enough? And what about the guy standing behind her? Just a crew member on a break? Or her personal Twix holder. At the FBOTU Compound I make the FBOTMs carry my M&Ms. One color per FBOTM. And god help them if they get the colors mixed up. But I’m guessing I’m much more forgiving than Ms. Jones or Ms. Frost. Maybe.

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