FBOTU Spotlight: Capitol Hillbillies by Chris Lange

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Fanboys of the Universe is proud to present a new FBOTU Spotlight, featuring Capitol Hillbillies by Chris Lange! Chris is a talented young cartoonist and humorist living (and loving) in Seattle, WA. Lange has published over 200 strips in his sexy Capitol Hillbillies saga, and I’m very pleased to present a selection for your enjoyment. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be getting a taste of what the strip has to offer. Plus, Chris will be sharing his commentary and insights into what goes into writing and creating the bawdy machinations of the Hillbillies cast.

Capitol Hillbillies, at its core, is a about a group of gay friends and their sexual adventures in Seattle. It’s a sex-positive celebration of love, lust, friendship and that gay “lifestyle” we’ve been hearing so much about. And did I mention there’s also a heavy dose of geekiness that’s just perfect for the FBOTU crowd? I think you’re gonna love it. I’ll have a podcast interview with Chris for your listening pleasure next week. In the meantime, check out the FBOTU Spotlight and get to know Chris and the gang in Capitol Hillbillies!


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