FBOTU Spotlight: Sex and the Single Geek

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I was lamenting the lack of gay characters on The Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries to an enemy of mine recently. “If you like the characters and the story, why does it matter?” He asked in that stupid voice of his. “Because!” I yelled. “I relate to Leonard on Big Bang Theory just fine, but I’d relate even more if he sucked a d**k once in a while!” Then I punched him in his stupid throat.

So, what does this disturbing and violent outburst teach us? No matter what the context or content of a piece of entertainment is, if you see someone like yourself, you will connect in a deeper way. So, what does this poorly constructed pop psychology analysis have to do with the FBOTU Spotlight, featuring Capitol Hillbillies by Chris Lange? Everything!

Jokes about gamers are funny. Jokes about gay gamers are funnier. It’s just that simple. As a gay geek myself, it’s très cool to get a little fun and sexy social commentary on the subject in my favorite storytelling medium: pictures with word balloons. You can read Dilbert all you want, but he’s never going to go down on Wally. You can read Funky Winkerbean all you want, but he’s never going to make sweet, sweet love to Les. You can read Rex Morgan, MD—okay, Rex is a big ‘mo, I’ll give you that one. But has he ever power bottomed while power leveling in World of Warcraft? I rest my case.

There’s a new set of Capitol Hillbillies strips in the FBOTU Spotlight, so just click on over there to check ‘em out and read creator Chis Lange’s commentary on the power and importance of gay geeks and gamers in the world of the strip.


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