FBOTU Spotlight: Sexual Politics

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Welcome to another installment of the FBOTU Spotlight, featuring Capitol Hillbillies by Chris Lange! I hope you’ve been enjoying the behind-the-scenes look at the sexy shenanigans of the CHB gang. I first discovered Capitol Hillbillies a few months back, when Chris published his 200th strip. Being an obsessive sort of fellow, I immediately read every single strip in the archives. I’m always amazed and impressed by the artists and creators out there who are creating and publishing their own work. I find that kind of independent and entrepreneurial spirit very inspiring…and hot.

We have one more week of strips and commentary from Chris, plus a podcast interview is on the way. If you’re obsessive like me, you can read every strip he’s ever published in the Archives on the Capitol Hillbillies website. It can get pretty racy at times, so, you know, use protection.

Just click here to check out the latest installment in the FBOTU Spotlight! Enjoy!

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