We’re the Kids in America

Where’s Maxxie?!

American remakes are sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. I even liked the American Spaced. But one thing I don’t like is American teenagers. They’re obnoxious. And they walk really slowly through crosswalks, playing Angry Birds and sexting. I ran over three this week alone. But I do like British teens, because they fight evil wizards and are basically pure of heart, even when they’re doing a lot of drugs and having sex. Here’s a trailer for the upcoming American version of Skins, based on the controversial series about oversexed and overdosed teens in the UK.

If there’s an American version of Maxxie, the gay kid, it’s not apparent in the trailer, but there is some hot girl-on-girl action. That’s because America loves lesbians as much as they hate gay men. If gay marriage were only between two women, America would vote for it in a heartbeat. And I think it’s probably a safe bet the US version of Tony will probably never give a rubbish blowjob to Maxxie, if there is a Maxxie. There had better be a Maxxie.

The US version of Skins premieres on MTV in January 2011.

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