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For Everyone on the “Naughty” List…

Holiday shopping just got a lot sexier!

It’s not quite Cyber Monday yet, but Class Comics has an unbelievable sale going on right now! And it’s a real sale with real savings and real value, not just some imaginary puffery like most of the sales I’m finding online this year. Here’s the scoop:

Up to 70% off Class Comics’ most popular titles, like Angelface, Camili-Cat, Deimos, Naked Justice, Rapture, Porky, Tug and more!
Prices starting at $2.70 for comics and $9.99 for books!
$5 flat rate shipping on orders of 15 comics or more!

Seriously, now is the time to start or complete your Class Comics collection. Or stock up on stocking stuffers and gifts for friends. I gave a non-comics-reading friend of mine a stack of Class Comics titles last year, and now he’s hooked. Plus, the folks at Class Comics have been really good to us here at FBOTU, providing prizes for our goofy contests and putting the word out about our shenanigans here, so let’s show them some love!

Of, if you’re a Class Comics regular reader, feel free to offer some recommendations to newbies! Thanks! Happy shopping and have a NSFW holiday!

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