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BENT-CON, a convention for LGBTQ comic book creators and their fans, has finally arrived! Today, Sunday, December 5, in Los Angeles, your favorite gay indie comic book artists and writers are assembling for a truly unique and fabulous experience. Fanboy of the Universe is here, too, meeting and chatting with site members, conducting interviews, selling 2011 Fanboy of the Month Calendars and doing some giveaways. If you are anywhere in the Southern California area, you really should make a point to attend. It’s FREE and open to the public. Plus, it’s right next door to the Faultine. So, come to the con, shmooze with the talent at the show, buy some amazing comics, then head over to the beer bust at Faultline. That’s a damn fine Sunday afternoon, that is.

Here’s a partial list of the artists and guests appearing at BENT-CON. You’ll recognize a lot of the names, I’m sure. Several have even been featured right here on FBOTU!


Bent Comix
Dave Davenport (Hard to Swallow)
Michael Derry (Troy Comics)
Justin Hall (Glamazonia)
Jeff Krell (Jayson)
Steve MacIsaac (Shirtlifter)
Jon Macy (Teleny & Camille)
Northwest Press
Angus Oblong (“The Oblongs”)
Prism Comics
Brad Rader (Fogtown)
Michael Troy (The Blonde Squad)
William O. Tyler
Trevor Wayne
(, May 2010 Fanboy of the Month)
Jody Wheeler (
Sean-Z (MYTH)
…and more!

Wow! That’s a hell of a show right there, kids. See you at BENT-CON!

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