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FBOTU’s 12 Days of Geekmas: Day 12

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On the 12th Day of Geekmas, My True Love Gave to Me…
A Giant Freaking AT-AT!

The 411
Yes, I know it took 15 days to get through the 12 Days of Geekmas. That is one of the most beloved and time-honored traditions of Geekmas! But here we are at the end, at last. The 12th Day of Geekmas. And what do we have? The noble AT-AT. Wait…the AT-AT isn’t noble. The tauntaun is noble. The AT-AT is just a big jerk. And yet…it’s endlessly fascinating to me. As a wee fanboy, I was lucky enough to wake up one Christmas morn and find an AT-AT of my very own stationed under the tree. As a kid, I thought it was immense, but that vintage AT-AT is totally dwarfed by this latest model. This monster is 24.5” tall and 26” long! A standard 3.75” action figure looks positively minuscule next to it. It’s loaded with new features, weapons, gadgets, lights and sounds. Plus, a speeder bike and AT-AT driver are included. All that is impressive, yes. But why? Why do I and countless other Star Wars fans have such a visceral reaction to this iconic walking tank. I think it’s because it’s so bizarre. Like, the last thing you’d expect to see through your electrobinoculars is this big, hulking, walking armored…thing. It’s beyond comprehension and reason, which makes it the epitome of Geekmas cool. 

X-Mas Karma
Yes, it’s pricey. Around $99-$110, depending on where you shop. But, my god, it could be a whole year before they make a bigger and better one! Give this to the Star Wars fan in your life and he or she is going to be absolutely gobsmacked. Set it up, haul out all your Hoth figures and vehicles and stage an epic battle to end all battles. Happy Geekmas! 

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