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My Battle With Post-Holiday Malaise

I always get a little depressed just after the holidays, mainly because I’d like every day to be like a K-Mart Christmas commercial from 1980. Or this. Instead, the warm glow of the holidays is quickly replaced by a world where everything is hard and bright and violent. Everything I feel, everything I touch. January sucks and no amount of expired egg nog is going to bring Christmas back.

So…I decided to lose myself in Azeroth for a while, where the Winter Veil festivities and decorations remained at least through the end of the day on January 1. Somehow—and despite the predictions of site members, my fellow FBOTU guild members and even Blizzard Entertainment—I made it to Level 65. I celebrated as I’m sure most other players do when they reach a milestone in the game: I went to the hair salon. My warrior had been sporting a shag cut for a while, at least since Level 50 or so. For my last makeover, I had chosen a platinum blonde color that I admit, in hindsight, wasn’t really fooling anyone. I can take the sneers from fellow players, but when a troll raises an eyebrow at your dye job, you know it’s time for a change. So, the first thing I did was go for the gold with a new color that’s a little more natural. They didn’t have a name for it at the shop, but I’m calling it “shimmering honey.”


For my cut, I almost went with one of the anime-inspired styles, which emphasize spikes over locks, but then I found this asymmetrical ‘do that’s best described as a post-modern take on “the Rachel” cut of the 90s. Combined with my crown (which I prefer to a helmet), the cut and color give my guy a sophisticated look befitting a Level 65 warrior. A little goatee adds just a hint of world-weary beatnik charm. 

Looking back at some of my past looks, I can see a definite progression in style and gameplay savvy. Sometime around Level 40 it became clear that I was going to have to wear armor (and pants) if I ever hoped to survive even the simplest of quests. That’s the sort of thing you can’t learn in a training manual, kids. That’s hard-earned warrior wisdom, that is. Still, looking back at the fashion and hairstyles of a bygone era helped cheer me up a bit. And I’m quite pleased that I’m wearing the same size as when I started, which is surprising considering the shocking amount of alcohol I consume in the game.

With a new makeover and only 20 levels to go before catching up with the rest of the players in the world, I think I can get past my post-holiday depression and make the best of 2011. Although I’d much rather have a few more weeks of this. Or this.

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