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US Continues to Wage War on UK

Who the f**k are these people?

What did England ever do to us? Yes, they taxed our property; they didn’t give us any choice. Meanwhile, back in England, they didn’t give us any voice. But 235 years later, I’m still being taxed without adequate representation, so, on the whole, I’d rather have a British accent. In a few days, we’ll be seeing the premiere of not one, but two US remakes of stellar UK shows: Being Human and Skins. Why the sudden assault on the Brits? I’m guessing someone found some oil in Portsmouth, so we’re working up to a full invasion of some kind.

Whatever the reason, the US versions of Being Human (SyFy) and Skins (MTV) both premiere on Monday, January 17. And despite my snarkiness, I’m definitely tuning in. The hope, as always, is that the creative teams will take the source material and find unique and meaningful ways to comment on life in America. I think it’s possible. Being Human has an excellent opportunity to explore what it’s like to be “other” in the US and how that’s used in politics, religion and even entertainment to inspire fear in the masses. Or it could be just another vampire show. I guess we’ll find out on Monday.

Will you be watching Being Human and Skins? Let us know! Maybe we’ll have a viewing party in the Forum.