The Oaf in Amsterdam

If you’re a Fanboy of the Universe in the Netherlands, or you’re planning a trip to the Netherlands, or if you’ve been looking for an excuse to plan a trip to the Netherlands, I have good news for you! The Wuvable Oaf Show opens this weekend at BOVEN Gallery in Amsterdam! The show will run now through April 10, 2011. 

Included in the exhibition are artist Ed Luce’s paintings, original pages and limited edition prints from nearly three years of Wuvable Oaf comics. Issues of Wuvable Oaf #0-2, Special Edition #2, Gory Details and Reigning Goteblud will also be available for purchase, along with four different Oaf shirt designs and a special Wuvable Oaf Show Poster commemorating the event! Check it out:


If you can’t make it all the way to Amsterdam, don’t worry. The commemorative poster (uncensored!) is available for only $6 at

Let’s go to Amsterdam!

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