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Los Angeles Welcomes Who Fans for Gallifrey One This Weekend


When Fanboys of the Universe first began, I knew next to nothing about Doctor Who. One of our first podcasts was even a Doctor Who primer, of sorts, where I asked such probing questions as, “Which guy is the Time Lord again?” Now, here we are, almost three years later, and I’m attending Gallifrey One in Los Angeles this weekend and shopping for tweed jackets and bow ties online. (Bow ties are cool, after all.)


Admittedly, my Doctor Who knowledge is still limited to the Russell T Davies era. The very thought of catching up on 40+ years of back story is a bit daunting, even for me, which is why an event like Gallifrey One is so useful. I can absorb a lot by osmosis. For instance, I once sat next to a surgeon on a plane, so I feel perfectly qualified giving people medical advice now.

I won’t be dressing up as a Doctor (or surgeon) this weekend, though. I’m in pursuit of tweed for events later in convention season. Luckily, there are a lot of costuming panels and events on the schedule, so I can immerse myself in Doctor Who sartorial culture. Here are a few of the workshops and panels I’m considering: 

Costuming 101 and Costuming 210
TARDIS Wardrobe: Costuming as The Doctor
Dressed to Scream: Cast and Companion Cosplay
Doctor Who Prop Making 101
Diabolical Apparel: Villains and Monsters in Cosplay
Out of the Hub Closet – Torchwood Cosplay

You can see a full schedule of events here.

For some reason, the gay panel (Doctor Who Made Me Gay and Other Excuses) is at 10:30 on Saturday night. I’ll either be drunk or playing WoW by then, or drunk and playing WoW (which is fun, too, except most people can’t tell the difference between my sober and drunken questing). So, I’ll have to fax over my own personal testimonial or send someone to represent me. I can’t say that Doctor Who made me gay, but he hasn’t made me not gay, so that counts for something, I think.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and you’re planning to attend Gallifrey One, be sure to let me know, so we can hang out for as long as you can tolerate me asking such probing questions as “What do you call a female Time Lord? Time Lady?”

See you there!