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Harry vs. Voldemort in New HP7:2 Poster

I hate it, Cath. To be fair, it is just a teaser poster for the second part of the final installment of the Harry Potter saga. I suppose it succeeds in conveying the climactic battle between the boy wizard and the man who did him wrong. And it is nice to see Harry on equal footing with the Dark Lord. Still, I like a little more romance and Drew Struzan in my movie posters. How about a painting of Harry, shirtless, holding aloft the Elder Wand, with Hermione sort of draped around his legs? Yes, that’s the poster I want! Throw gay Dumbledore in there, and you’ve got a winner.

Even though it’s not my favorite, it does still manage to push my excitement levels for this movie into dangerous and histrionic territory. I can’t wait until July 15! I’m going to have my assistant clear my calendar, so I can spend the whole day at the cinema. And by “assistant,” I mean my 13” Nightwing. And by “calendar,” I mean my Etch-a-Sketch. See you at the movies!


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