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X-Men: Welcome to the 60s

I’m a big fan of the Saul Bass-era of retro cool art and filmmaking, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, it wasn’t until I met Long-Suffering Boyfriend, and he had the nerve to ask, “You do know there was life before 1977, right?” What?! Well, it turns out he was right, and I jumped on the mid-century to late 60s bandwagon. (As a frequent bandwagon jumper, I only need to hop on one more to get a free sub sandwich!) And this is when people usually ask, “Chance, what the hell are you talking about?”

I’m talking about cool, retro, 60s-inspired fan-made opening credits for X-Men: First Class, of course! This is all over the interwebs, so I’m hopping on the bandwagon (Oo! Score!). Enjoy!

X-Men: First Class Title Sequence from Joe D! on Vimeo.

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