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“Torchwood: Miracle Day” Goes Viral

Starz released a series of short promo videos around the ‘net today, asking Torchwood fans to scour the web for each. Because it’s 2011 and not 1995, it took about 10 seconds to find them all. Each is pretty hokey, except for Bill Pullman‘s. But then, he is the veteran actor of the bunch, having appeared in both Lake Placid and Mr. Wrong. We do get a little more info on this so-called “Miracle Day,” though it’s all appropriately vague and fraught with superficial angst. From what I can gather from watching all the videos, Torchwood is extremely pissed off because a day when no one dies means they can’t kill off any characters.

Obviously, killing off likable characters is the only way the Torchwood writers know how to end a story, so Jack, Gwen and an assortment of soon-to-be-dispensable allies race against time to ensure Rhys doesn’t get too comfortable and start planting a garden or reading a long book. Gwen acts pretty smug in her video, so I’m guessing she’s going to die in some horrible way, like being eaten alive by a race of hyper-intelligent alien sharks while watching Jack sacrifice her baby in order to save a race of hyper-intelligent alien sharks.

For good measure, maybe they’ll bring Titticaca back and kill her again. Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres July 8 on Starz. Now, on with the videos!


Jilly’s Video
Oswald’s Video
Gwen’s Video

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