Comics Load: Reboot-y Call

It’s a DC-heavy week in the Comics Load. I didn’t pick up a single title from any other publisher, except for Archie’s Kevin Keller. I’m not sure why I’m even bothering with the DC titles. It’s not like any of it is going to matter come September, when DC dumps a new bucket of crazy on us. Really, why am I still reading any of this? I asked Sexy Comics Monger the same question, and he reminded me that we still don’t know how much continuity is going to change. Maybe the last breaths of these titles will have significant ramifications in the September issues. But more than likely probably not.

I’ve remained mostly silent about the whole relaunch/reboot, mainly just sharing the news and a few opinions offered by others. I’m trying to be optimistic, and I appreciate the passions involved, but let me just ask this: What happens after issue #1? DC is pinning a lot on these mythical, elusive “new readers.” These timid and skittish would-be comics readers who apparently yearn to read comics, but are easily frightened away by the numbers in the upper left corner. What happens in October when issue #2 comes out? How do you lure in the new readers in October who will now feel like they missed out on the September issues? Do you just keep putting out number ones every month? Or is this the end of serialized comics as we know it?

It wasn’t so long ago that I was a new reader myself. I picked up trade paperbacks. I did some research. I dove into the middle of story arcs and worked things out on my own or via friends. Look at me now! I’m at least familiar enough with DC’s characters and history to complain about this relaunch business just a bit. And it’s really only a bit. I admit that I’m somewhat curious to see what happens and how long it will last. I’m also excited about the prospect of getting all my DC titles digitally, though there will undoubtedly be some consequences to that. Will I really make my weekly trip to the comic book store if I’m getting the majority digitally? Or will I get lazy and just let the printed titles slip off my reading list? Will I ever leave the house again? Or will I end up on a show about shut-ins on TLC? Can someone become a digital hoarder? Only time will tell.

How are you coping/feeling about the relaunch? Be sure to let us know in the comments section or over in the Comics Forum. Now, on with the Load!

image Batman and Robin #24

Wouldn’t it be woefully poetic if Jason didn’t save Scarlet in time? Then, when she comes back from the dead, she can blame him for the rest of her after-life for not getting there in time? That’s the kind of f**ked up irony I like in my comics. On a lighter note, isn’t it nice to have so many of the Bat boys working together? All that’s missing is Tim.
image Birds of Prey #13

We learn some harsh realities in this issue, like the fact that Dove is useless. In every fight, she gets knocked out or stabbed or turns into Mecha-Dove and tries to kill all the good guys. We also learn that Black Canary is still hung up on Ollie, which is a nice set up for a reunion. Expect those two love birds to rekindle their romance right before they’re obliterated from the DC timeline. I’d also like to see Junior set up a Match.com profile and maybe do some speed dating. She and Black Canary can double date with Ollie and Galahad.
image Booster Gold #45

Here’s what sucks about this whole Flashpoint business. Booster is the protector of the timestream. If he takes the fall for this mess, I’m going to be very annoyed. If Doomsday kills him, I’m going to be very annoyed. Booster should be allowed to go out on top, for once. He’s been the DCU’s bitch for long enough.
image Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1

I only picked this up because whenever I have a short list for the week, I start to panic at the comic book store and feel bad that I’m not spending my usual amount. So then I start looking around for more to buy, instead of feeling relieved for once that it’s a light week and find some other use for the extra money, like action figures or ice cream or full-release massages. Instead, I freak out and pick up crazy stuff like Emperor Aquaman and just turn around and donate it the next day, and then feel really bad, because don’t the homeless have enough problems without having to read this dreck?
image Red Robin #24

It’s death by snu-snu for Tim, it seems. I suppose if you’ve got to go, you might as well go out with a bang. After quickly dispatching the Scarab gang, Tim tries to save Mikalek, before getting captured and prepped for sex by Promise and her mysterious sister. Before you think things are getting too hetero, keep in mind that Promise’s sister is working with Ra’s, so it’s really Ra’s who is conceiving Tim’s baby vicariously through his female lackey. That’s not creepy at all. Will Ra’s finally get Tim before the current DCU ends? Or will Tim’s beloved Conner save him (and his virginity) just in time?
image Titans #36

The best part of this ridiculous issue is when Roy “agrees” to help Slade save Jericho and then nonchalantly accepts some drugs from him. And this, comics fans, this is when good ol’ Roy proclaims: “That’s it, Roy. You finally hit rock bottom. Proud of yourself?” Really? REALLY?! Forget about being drugged out of your mind and swinging a dead cat at Batman. Forget about your attempt to have crazy S&M sex with your ex, only to fail to get it up. Forget being tied to a gurney while drug hallucinations of your dead daughter taunt you. No, that was all pretty easy. But this? This? A casual business transaction? This is your lowest point? I suppose getting ass raped by Slade in the next issue will be the first step towards better things, then. Good luck with that.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!