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The Skies Over Gotham

Can you believe the release of Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is still a whole year away? To satisfy fans (and get some buzz before Comic-Con), Warner Bros. just released a teaser poster for the film. Let’s see. Dark, crumbling, apocalyptic. Yeah, it’s a Batman movie. Visually, the poster is rather clever, and the Gotham setting gives it a more epic feel than, say, a character one-sheet of Christian Bale looking grumpy. If you haven’t seen the teaser poster yet, take a good, long look:


Still, after staring at the bat silhouette for a while, it started to look less like a bat, and more like the crack in Amy Pond‘s wall. So, after about five minutes in Photoshop, I came up with this variation:


Run, Amy! The crack is swallowing the universe out of existence, and it’s starting with Gotham! Wouldn’t it be cool to have the Doctor show up and annoy Batman for a while? They do have a lot in common. The Doctor solves crimes, has his own Doctor-mobile, and even has a young sidekick in tow. Of course, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see Robin show up in this series, but at least we get Selina Kyle. She’s sort of like a companion.

And speaking of Selina. Since we haven’t seen any concept or costume art for her yet, here’s a little feline fill-in for now:


It’s fun! Just replace the “nah-nah-nah-nah” of the original 60s Batman theme with “nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan.”

Twelve more months, folks!

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