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Doctor Goo

Strangely enough, I was just thinking I’d really like a little jar of white goo with random pieces of Matt Smith floating about inside. Then, lo and behold, guess what I see in the Doctor Who section at Entertainment Earth? This is the Doctor Who “The Flesh” Goo Pod. As you may recall, we were introduced to “gangers” in “The Flesh” episode this season. Disposable worker bees made of goo either performed dangerous jobs in the acid mines or ran around space impersonating Amy Pond. Well, now you can have a glop of goo of your very own!

Every few years, toy companies dust off the old “slime” recipe and re-brand it as whatever gooey substance is hip and cool with the kids. Hordak, of course, covered He-Man in the stuff for a while. Then Jabba had a go at spitting it up, along with a few little plastic frogs. And now pieces of Matt Smith are floating in it.


At only $10.99, I can’t think of a single reason NOT to buy it. Think what a great conversation piece it will be when displayed in a heap on your desk or as a centerpiece at your next dinner party. (For an added bit of whimsy, surprise your guests and put it in the gravy boat.) Or, if you’re particularly passionate about ganger rights, you could always fling it at heartless industrialists who continue to persecute the people of the goo.

After you buy it, be sure to send us pics of how you’re incorporating the goo into your home or office decor. Have fun!

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