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Avengers Assemble! In My Mouth!

If you’ve ever wanted to lick icing off Thor’s face, I’ve got great news for you. Williams-Sonoma, the company that brought you the $250 tea pot, the Darth Vader spatula and lemongrass-ginger dish soap, takes a culinary Journey into Mystery with the Marvel Kitchen Collection. The collection includes the cakelet pan, the heroes cookie cutters and the Spider-Man comic book cookie cutters, and they’re all adorable and probably impossible to make.


Tragically, I don’t bake. Or cook. Or boil water. I mainly use my oven as an extra linen closet. If I can’t put it in a shaker with some ice and Triple Sec, I’m afraid it’s beyond me. So, unless some fabulous baker boy makes these for me, I will have to content myself with drooling over the pictures. (I do the same with the Food Network and Martha Stewart Living.) Even if I did buy some pre-made cake batter and used my hair dryer to cook them, the real challenge would be decorating. I feel like only a professional food stylist could recreate these perfect little sugary pieces of art. Williams-Sonoma offers a decorating guide, but it’s really more of a color guide, and doesn’t begin to explain how you get the icing onto the cakes. Maybe that’s where the Darth Vader spatula comes into play.


The cakelet pan is $36 and the cookie cutter sets are $19.99 each. I would buy them, but frankly, I’m running out of storage space in my oven. If you want to buy them, then submit photos of your creations, please do. I would totally support that. Especially if you give Thor a beard like Chris Hemsworth and maybe some pecs made out of Pop-Tarts. Just a suggestion. 

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