Terra Nova: Little Girl Lost

This week’s episode of Terra Nova, “The Runaway,” gets underway pretty quickly, without much build-up, when Newt from Aliens shows up outside Terra Nova in the middle of the night. She’s run away from the Sixers, and she’s looking for the portal back to 2149. If she had only watched the pilot, she would have known that the portal is a one-way street. There’s no going back. The Shannon family agrees to take her in, and Commander Taylor wants to interrogate her to learn more about the Sixers.

I’d like to learn more about the Sixers, too, like why they don’t seem to have any haircare products. Instead of invading Terra Nova and demanding ammo all the time, I’d like to see them hold Josh hostage in exchange for a case or two of conditioner and Bed Head texturizing paste.

Over in the “B” story, Maddy is interning with mum at the hospital. I guess that’s how you become a doctor in the Cretaceous. You intern for a while, then if your mom is chief of staff, you get promoted to a doctor. Now that I think about it, that’s how they do it on Grey’s Anatomy, too. Sensing that the audience has a less violent reaction to Maddy’s storylines than Josh’s, the writers also give us a couple of cute scenes of Reynolds following the courting rituals of Terra Nova, which are strikingly similar to Almonzo wanting to date Half-Pint on Little House. This is all very sweet, especially when Reynolds asks Jim for permission to come a-courtin’. But all of this is just to hide the fact that Reynolds is the spy inside Terra Nova, and he’s only using Maddy to get closer to Jim and get more info for the Sixers. Maddy is going to be devastated, but she really should have known better. Reynolds is clearly at least four points more attractive than she is. Trust me, I’ve been “courted” by enough hot guys trying to win bets to know that you need to be suspicious of dating outside your league.

The Terra Nova folks fall all over themselves to welcome Newt into their lives and community, so it only takes about one commercial break for her to betray them all, break into someone’s house and try to steal something for Mira, the leader of the Sixers. Yes! Newt is a filthy, treacherous spy. That little bitch. I’m ready for Commander Taylor to rough her up a little, but instead, he tries to get her to tell him why Mira wants the mysterious little box she tried to swipe. I’m thinking they should just let creepy little Zoe have five minutes alone with her and her man-eating plant. Mira’s box is probably a nuclear bomb or a biological bomb or just a regular bomb. They poke it a few times, but no one is smart enough to realize that maybe Mira wanted them to intercept the box. Newt says she’s only doing Mira’s bidding, because Mira is threatening her brother.

Jim, of course, thinks that maybe this time Newt is telling the truth, so he heads off into the jungle, alone, at night, to look for the Sixers. It takes him about five seconds to get swept up in a trap and taunted by a slasher. This is the only dino we get to see this episode, and I’m surprised we actually get to see him, instead of just some rustling in the bushes or some growling via a cell phone call. The Sixers arrive and dispatch with the slasher, admire Jim’s well-groomed hair for a bit, then take him to Mira for a little heart-to-heart exposition. Mira tries to convince Jim that Terra Nova and Commander Taylor are just a bunch of lies and deceptions and did I say lies? Jim asks for specifics, but Mira refuses. She’s doing that thing He-Man did when he was trying to convince Adora that the Horde was bad. Just let him see for himself. We’ll see how long it takes Jim to hold aloft his magic sword and join the rebels. In the meantime, Mira lets him go and even gives him Newt’s brother, because why not dump your orphans on your enemies? That’s what I would do. Not that this show needed any more precocious child actors, mind you, but at least they’ll make good dino bait.

Until next time, everybody walk the dinosaur!

Terra Nova airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox. Check out all of FBOTU’s Terra Nova recaps here.

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