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FBOTU Spotlight: The Rise and Rise of Jon Macy

Greetings, FBOTU Spotlight fans! Have I got a treat for you! And since we’re so close to Halloween, there might be a trick or two in there, as well. FBOTU is very proud to welcome artist and comics creator Jon Macy to the Spotlight. I’m a big fan of Jon’s work, and he’s no stranger to the site. He’s made appearances on podcasts and in our book reviews. So, I’m thrilled we get this opportunity to learn a little more about him, explore his work and get some insights from the artist himself into his process, methods and inspiration.

A member of the early 90s “black and white boom,” Jon’s work includes Tropo, Nefarismo and Teleny and Camille. Teleny just earned Jon his first Lambda Literary Award for Gay Erotica and will, I’m sure, become a milestone in graphic novel history, gay, straight or otherwise. In the Spotlight, we’re going to focus on Jon’s Fearful Hunter series. Jon won the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant in 2010, allowing him to complete and publish the second book in the series.

If you’re looking for a sexy, supernatural romance to curl up with on a chilly October night, I highly recommend Fearful Hunter. A star-crossed love story about a young druid and a werewolf, Fearful Hunter is a beautiful, haunting and original take on what it means to be young, gay and in love. I can’t wait to share Jon’s art and commentary with you in the weeks ahead.

In our first installment, Jon shares his thoughts on building a fantasy world from scratch and the challenges of conveying the subtleties of emotion through his artwork. Check it out here! And be sure to tune in next Wednesday for another installment!


You can learn more about Jon Macy, including how and where to buy his work, at

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