Supernatural: Oh My God, Becky

This week’s episode of Supernatural, “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!” dares to ask the question, “Would you sell your soul to marry Sam Winchester?” They treat this like it’s a question you’d actually have to think about, which is insane. I’d sell my soul to do Sam Winchester’s laundry. Marry him? Duh.

The fact that he’s marrying Becky “Superfan99” Rosen is supposed to be a surprise, but they pretty much give it away in the pre-opening recap by reminding us that she exists. I’m a huge Becky fan and was very surprised to learn that I’m the only one. Apparently, the internet hates her. I think she’s perfect, largely thanks to Emily Perkins, who brings her to such giddy, fanatical life. So, if Sam and Dean’s #1 fan has a #1 fan, it’s me. Go Team Becky!

The Winchesters are in Vegas for their annual R&R trip. Dean is spending it in strip clubs, and Sam is spending it hiking in the desert. Las Vegas looks suspiciously like Vancouver, but never mind that. Turns out Sam isn’t actually hiking in the deserts of Vancouver. No, he’s getting married. To Becky.

Dean immediately suspects that something’s not quite right, but since it’s Becky, he plays along. We soon discover that Dean’s right. Becky has a “Wiccan” friend who’s supplying her with a love potion of some kind. My first thought was, “The Wiccans aren’t going to like this portrayal.” But he’s only pretending to be a Wiccan. He’s one of those demon/event planners in human disguise. Poor Becky thinks he’s just a good friend who’s helping make all her dreams (and fantasies) come true. Oh, Becky.

Becks isn’t the only person is town whose dreams are coming true, though. There are others. And they’re dying. That would totally be my luck, too. As soon as Sam was mine, a piano would fall on my head. As the lucky dreamers drop like unlucky flies, Dean, Sam and Becky investigate. Happily, Becky proves to be a very useful hunter, crazy eyes and all.

Dean feels abandoned, of course, so Bobby sets him up with a temp hunter/partner, played to geeky perfection by DJ Qualls. Dean also sports a sweater vest at one point during the course of the investigation, which is more adorable than you might imagine. It doesn’t take him and his new partner long to figure out a demon is making deals and finding a way to reap the souls sooner than their contracts promise. Which means…Becky’s in danger. Better hurry up and consummate that marriage, Becky.

The love juice wears off, so Becky is forced to bash Sam in the head with a waffle iron (ironically, a wedding gift from Dean) and tie him up in her parents’ cabin in the woods. All right, I know people may find her actions objectionable. Extreme, even. (And she takes his pants off, but who wouldn’t?) Honestly, I think she’s just a creative and enthusiastic fan, and while her choices are bold, I can’t fault her enthusiasm and dedication. And that’s probably why I was just uninvited to my next Supernatural Meetup gathering.

Sadly, it doesn’t take Becky long to figure things out, once she meets up with her “Wiccan” dealer and gets an offer she can’t refuse. Twenty-five years of wedded bliss with Sam in exchange for her soul. No early exit, either, or so the demon says. (Take it, Becky! Take it!)

He doesn’t get a chance to collect, early or otherwise, because Becky turns the tables, frees Sam and saves the day. Helped in no small part by a brief guest appearance by Crowley, who delivers the best line of the night: “This isn’t Wall Street. This is hell. We have a little something called integrity.” All’s hell that ends hell, am I right?

I sincerely hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Becky, though it certainly feels like an ending to her story arc. If that’s the case, I think I prefer this ending to the alternative Anya-esque sacrificial lamb scenario. Go Team (Live) Becky!

NEXT WEEK: Dean marries Bobby.

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