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FBOTU Spotlight: A Fine Line

If you’ve ever attended a panel discussion with an author, artist or creator, or seen an interview on TV, or read a profile in a magazine or online, you know that inevitably someone will ask, “Where do you get your ideas?” Or “What inspires you?” We ask that not just because it’s an easy question to lob at the interviewee, but because I think we’re all deeply interested in where and how ideas emerge, and how the artist (and we) can transform them into art.

In this week’s FBOTU Spotlight installment, Jon Macy reveals the personal inspiration behind his Fearful Hunter series, and how art can give you the power (and freedom) to rewrite your own story. I recommend you read the art panel first, then read Jon’s commentary. Then read the art panel again. Does Jon’s backstory change or color the way you view the art? What do you think? Just click here.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for our final FBOTU Spotlight feature on Jon Macy. Don’t miss it!

You can learn more about Jon Macy, including how and where to buy his work, at

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