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FBOTU Spotlight: Trees, Trucks and Naked Dudes

We’ve reached the end of our FBOTU Spotlight on Jon Macy and his latest series, Fearful Hunter. Fearful Hunter tells the magical story of two star-crossed lovers, a young Druid on the verge of independence and a loving, but troubled werewolf. It’s an emotional, spiritual and sexy fantasy adventure, brought to vivid, haunting life by Jon’s beautiful black and white illustrations. I hope you’ve enjoyed experiencing Jon’s artwork and getting some behind-the-scenes insights from the artist himself about his work, inspirations and passions.

In our final installment, Jon shares a very valuable lesson for any artist or creator: Do what you love. Sounds simple, yes? But how many of us actually follow through and do it? Check it out here!

My thanks to Jon for sharing his work and thoughts with us. It’s been a real treat to have him on the site! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Jon will be appearing at Bent-Con, December 3-4. Stop by, say hi and let him know you enjoyed his FBOTU Spotlight entries.

You can learn more about Jon Macy, including how and where to buy his work, at