Supernatural: Luckier Than Most

It was an Alex Krycek weekend, did you notice? Not only did former X-Files hottie Nicholas Lea appear on Supernatural (as Elliott Ness, no less), he also dropped in on Once Upon a Time as Hansel and Gretel’s deadbeat dad. I’m slightly disappointed he didn’t crash Oprah’s interview with Steven Tyler. When they were on their hands and knees crawling in the woods and discovering spirituality in the stillness, an angry, armless Krycek appearance could have really livened things up.

Like I said, Nicholas plays famous G-man Elliot Ness in Friday’s Supernatural episode, “Time After Time After Time.” When I saw previews for this episode last week, I got a little nervous. I was worried we were going to get another episode like “The French Mistake” debacle. Alternate universes and time travel can be iffy, when not in the hands of a certain Doctor. Much to my delight, though, this episode is handled with a minimum amount of campiness, and we even get more insight into what’s going on in Dean’s head at the moment.

Sheriff Mills gives the Winchesters a call to report a bizarre case of mummification. After some initial investigation, the boys zero in on a seemingly ageless fellow who’s sucking the life out of his victims. Dean rushes him, and before you can say, “All That Jazz,” gets transported back to Chicago, 1944. It’s not long before he teams up with fellow hunter Eliot Ness to track down the perp, who just happens to be Chronos, the God of Time. Meanwhile, Sheriff Mills plays sidekick to Sam, researching Chronos and reminiscing about Bobby.


Even though he’s facing the possibility of being stuck in the past forever, Dean finally gets a few lighthearted moments when he lets his inner Untouchables fanboy out. Channeling what he’s learned about the time period from movies, he gets a rare chance to play the funny man. For his part, Nicholas does a nice job infusing Ness with enough gruff and grim determination to give Dean a little perspective. “Everybody loses everybody, and then one day, boom, your number’s up,” he tells Dean. “But at least you’re making a difference. So, enjoy it while it lasts, kid, ‘cause hunting’s the only clarity you’re gonna find in this life, and that makes you luckier than most.” Dean’s been searching for his purpose this season, and this isn’t the first time he’s been told to just suck it up and keep hunting. Good advice for all of us, I think.

As a possible replacement for Bobby, Sheriff Mills is a nice fit. I like her more than I like Frank, that’s for sure. They’ve repeatedly made the point in recent episodes that all it takes is the death of a loved one to draw you into the hunter life. That’s certainly an entry point for Sheriff Mills. I doubt that’s what Bobby would have wanted for her, though. And since the boys talked a couple of hunters into giving up the life last week, I don’t expect they’re going to let her get too involved.

My main complaint, if you can call it that, is a technical one. Someone needs to download all those books and ancient texts into a wiki database of some kind that the boys can reference whenever they need it. Lugging a library around everywhere you go is just not efficient. I suppose that’s reason enough to appoint Sheriff Mills the librarian and caretaker of Bobby’s books. Still, I’m not giving up on the wiki idea.

Finally, though I make the occasional inappropriate “Wincest” comment, I’m seriously not writing or reading any fan fiction. Seriously. However, I did happen upon this video while searching for something else entirely, I swear. Lady Gaga and the Winchester brothers? How could I resist?

NEXT WEEK: Dean and the Doctor battle Daleks!

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