FBOTU Meets Fiverr

Like most debilitating addictions, all of this can be blamed on Regretsy. As you may know, Regretsy is an extremely funny site that pokes fun at Etsy and all the questionable arts and crafts clogging up the internet tubes. Regretsy is a vocal proponent (and customer) of Fiverr, which is a marketplace of goods and services that all cost $5. And since we here at FBOTU are impressionable and highly susceptible to suggestion, we dove right in, never realizing we’d never find our way out.

So, people post ads on Fiverr, offering their talents or products, and all you have to do is Order Now ($5), Order Now ($5), Order Now ($5), until your Paypal account is fully depleted and the bank is calling to make sure you’re really authorizing an endless series of $5 deductions. In an attempt to focus our spending and interests, we decided to spend our entire 2012 marketing budget on Fiverr and just let them promote the site for us. So, $15 later, we have three awesome, viral-ready advertisements for FBOTU.

First, I’d like to introduce you to Claudicus. He’s a choreography student and will dance to whatever piece of music you send him (around 2 minutes). Since the FBOTU theme song is only a whopping 90 seconds long, it just made sense to see it choreographed. Honestly, it would have been crazy NOT to invest $5 in this. Plus, who knows? Maybe a FBOTU dance craze will sweep the globe.

Continuing the FBOTU dance party is Dancing Dror. He’s an adorable and hairy fellow in Israel who will take his shirt off, write a message on his stomach and dance for you for 30 seconds. For $5. Do you want to see him do the shimmy again?

Finally, we have Luckyme2010. Lucky will take his clothes off and hold a personalized message in front of his junk. Ordinarily, he accessorizes the look with a cowboy hat or fireman gear, but we put in a special request for something of the superhero persuasion, and Lucky surprised us with a Batman ensemble. (In the interest of full disclosure, we added the Gotham background.) Frankly, nothing is more satisfying than seeing our web address plastered over Lucky’s Dark Knight rising.


We would recommend you check out Fiverr, but fear we’ll lose you and never see you back here again. If you’re on Fiverr, or you’ve purchased something cool, be sure to let us know!

Or, if you’d like to submit your own FBOTU dance video, maybe we’ll have a contest. You can download a FREE MP3 of the theme song here. There are two versions, Original and Special Edition. The SE version is about a minute longer than the Original.

Now, dance!