Being Human (US): Love Hurts

Whether you watched Being Human (US) or Being Human (UK)—or both—this week, you got hammered with the pretty strong and consistent message that these characters don’t have to try to be human, they already are. They will go to any lengths to protect the ones they love. As the episode title, “The TiesThat Blind,” implies, that love can also impair your judgement.

Poltergeist antics begin to plague the house, and Aidan and Josh assume either Sally or her recent teenage comrades are up to some tricks, but to her, the pranks seem more threatening. Seriously though, how can you not laugh when the steamy bathroom mirror calls Josh a whore? I half expected little blonde Carol Anne to show up. But while Sally begs for some sort of consolation from the boys, they are way too wrapped up in their own issues.

Hadley, one of the Amish elders, is back in Boston to confront Aidan about Heggeman’s death, because, as usual, Aidan is Suspect #1. Although Hadley is not convinced by Aidan’s denials, he is sure that whomever is responsible will pay, and he’s not leaving Boston without answers. With vamp cop Cecilia missing, Aidan confronts Josh about the murder investigation. Josh’s confession drives an explosive wedge in his friendship with Aidan. Yes, Josh was protecting Nora, but how can Aidan protect them both when Josh jeopardizes their safety among vampires? Loving people is hard work. 

Speaking of Nora, she’s back from her “extended sick leave” on the Cape, trying to make sense of what’s happened to her (and to her ex). Despite the indecision she still struggles with, she does know one thing: she loves Josh and wants to be with him when they turn. Luckily, Josh has a romantic plan for that! Let’s hook ourselves up to an EEG to monitor our brain activity! Oh, Josh, it’s a good thing you have such a cute puppy dog look about you.

Sally learns the poltergeist prankster is her abusive ex, Danny, who was just mudered by his prison cell mate. Aidan teaches her some tricks and assures her she is more powerful, but that is definitely not the case. Danny learned some fierce tricks from the prison ghosts, but just when he’s about to dust Sally for good, he’s destroyed by the reaper. Finally, we see the reaper in human form and learn that he comes for ghosts who create imbalance in the supernatural order of things, but he thinks Sally’s special. Killing Danny helped set things right in the balance, but the reaper will want more regular atonements from Sally.

Connor and Brynn, the purebred twins, pull Nora back into their fold by telling her that Aidan sent Cecilia to kill them. They have Cecilia locked up to bait Aidan into a full moon vampire hunt. He hunts for his cop; they hunt for him. Even though Aidan brings Hadley, they are outnumbered. Josh and Nora have inadvertently joined the hunt. Just before the turn, Josh admits he’s the one who sent Cecilia to whack the twins, but it’s too late. When Hadley learns there are four wolves and not two, he bolts. Surrounded, Aidan rescues Cecilia, but she convinces him to save himself.

Sally meets the reaper at her grave. She pours her heart out to him about her insecurities and how, even though Josh and Aidan gave her a sense of purpose, she still feels alone and abandoned. Even though she learns that things just end when you are reaped, she is still ready to surrender.

In the morning, Nora admits that she’s proud of Josh for protecting her and giving in to his wolf, but she considers her transformation her salvation, not a curse. Josh has been fighting to protect her, but she doesn’t want to be saved (or cured). In the aftermath, Aidan shows up with a silver bullet-loaded shotgun, blows Connor away, then tells Brynn to leave Boston and never return. He delivers Connor’s wolf body to Hadley and tells him the same thing. Get out of Boston and don’t come back.

Exhausted, the boys return home to the Danny aftermath, but barely give Sally a look or a concern. The retreat upstairs and Sally whispers an absent goodbye to them from the spot on the stairs where she died. She’s ready for her reaping.

Although Josh and Aidan obviously share a loyalty to each other that runs deeper than their relationship to Sally, I can’t help feeling sorry for her. She gave up her door to save Aidan, but like them, she realizes an important lesson:

People don’t always appreciate the sacrifices we make.

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