Being Human (US): Flay Me to the Moon

Sometimes, when you live with roommates, your paths never intersect. You get so into your own lives, focused on your own tunnel vision, you can go days without seeing each other. In “I’ve Got You Under Your Skin,” the Being Human (US) roommates all have demons scratching at them from the inside, so much so that their storylines barely intersect. It’s an eerie and isolating change.

Sally has worked up some ghostly ulcers waiting for the Reaper to come for her. When he finally appears, in typical sneak-up-behind-you fashion, he tells Sally of a loophole that will allow her to survive; she can take his place and become a Reaper or be “shredded.” He promises to return that night for her decision, and the stress continues to take its toll on her.

It sounds a little too much like a genie in the bottle kind of trick to me, but what choice does she have? Aidan suggests she shred the Reaper before he shreds her, so Sally visits Suicide Stevie (Remember? From the reunion?) to learn how he saved her from the ghostly rape, but he warns her of the dangers: shredding is a bell she can’t un-ring.

When the Reaper comes, Sally tries, but nothing is ever that easy. Although she fails, her attempt only shows the Reaper what she’s capable of. He trains her and sends her on her first assignment: Stevie. He’s been shredding and stalking and causing an imbalance. The moral struggle between right and wrong tears Sally up, and she can’t do it. The Reaper takes Stevie and promises Sally this isn’t the end.

Meanwhile, Josh, reeling in the depression of his breakup, hasn’t been out of the doghouse in days. His sister, Emily, comes to the rescue. She convinces him to go to work and meet her for happy hour afterward. In the meantime, she’ll catch up with friends. She forgets to mention that her “friend” is Josh’s ex, Julia, which causes no awkwardness whatsoever when he ditches work and shows up two hours early. It does lead to quite the p*ssing match, though. 

Eventually, the exes escort their drunken mess, home. While Emily sleeps, Josh and Julia reminisce, which leads to a violent and emotional breakdown about why Josh left. Despite its threatening nature, the confession leads Julia to admit she came to Boston looking for him. Looks like their unresolved issues have been eating away at them, too.

In the world of other exes, Aidan has replaced his bromance for Josh with his even deeper devotion to Henry. In the fallout of another orphan attack, Suren warns Aidan that Mother is returning. They will both be up the proverbial creek if they haven’t culled all the orphans by then, so they concoct a plan, and a pretty ingenious one at that. Aidan tells Henry he can save the orphans from Mother’s wrath if they all come to a safehouse that night. With the entire orphan population in the basement, Suren buys the house from the money-hungry owner.  They’re all inside, but no longer invited in. Trapped, they all burn. Aidan orchestrates a last-minute escape with Henry at the moment of the sale.  Timing is everything.

To pay for his past crimes, Henry has to give Suren the “pound of flesh” her Mongol heritage demands. Apparently, Mongols are known for skinning humans alive, and she’s itching to practice her craft. Reluctantly, and with Aidan’s convincing, Henry agrees, but Aidan must leave. It’s too painful hearing Henry’s blood-curdling screams, let alone watching the horror. Aidan goes home and silently sulks with Sally, and they both know nothing will ever be able to scratch the itches plaguing them.

And while I have been wanting to see Henry naked, I was hoping it would be with skin, not without. Maybe next time.

Jim C. is a sci-fi/supernatural/federation/superhero/Cylon teacher nerd, obsessed with TV, books and film. He spent his childhood reading comics, writing morbid horror stories and being the token tormented class homo, but he thinks he turned out pretty freakin’ awesome. image