Being Human (US): Precious Illusions

“When I Think About You I Shred Myself” is all about the idyllic perceptions we cultivate about the people we love. Even though people change, ourselves included, we still hold on to the powerful, seemingly perfect person we once knew, despite all the warning signs screaming at us. Truly frightening are the drastic events we need to experience for that veil to be lifted. When do we eventually see our heroes’ hidden demons and our own?

To understand Aidan’s bond to Henry, we have to explore its origin through wartime flashbacks. Indestructible Aidan has torn through foxholes slaughtering the enemy, but not without being riddled with bullets. Henry, a timid, emergency field medic (used mostly for his skills speaking French) removes the bullets and tends to Aidan like a doting nursemaid, reading to him as he heals. During a surgical trauma, a wounded French soldier “discovers” a hungry Aidan slurping from some blood-soaked rags. Only Henry understands his babble, though, and lies to protect Aidan. In a struggle, the French soldier mortally wounds Henry, who is trying to protect his new friend. His kindness does not go unpaid, as Aidan slaughters the camp and saves Henry by turning him. He saves one victim for Henry’s first meal: the Frog. 

Back in the present, Aidan brings a skinless Henry back to the apartment to recover. Without skin, Henry is definitely no pretty boy. He is, however, in pain and wants to end it, but the debt Aidan owes him won’t allow it. He owes his life to Henry and keeps him alive, even though he doesn’t see how much Henry has changed in 80 years. To speed the recovery, Aidan compels some co-eds to come party with the most handsome man they’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, Henry’s greed rises as Aidan’s mojo wears off. They are forced to kill the hysterical girls. Luckily, Henry believes in the “5-second” rule and drains them as quickly as he can.

Sally’s been a little off since the whole Reaper thing began and starts referring to her former self as “The Old Sally” as she enters Reaper training. While her anger toward a body-jumping ghost, Walter, helps her start a reap, her humanity makes her hesitate. She struggles with the kill, and the Reaper finishes for her. What proof is there that these ghosts have done anything bad? He convinces her they will all lie to save themselves. But when she gets home, Sally is visited by her old friend Boner. Stevie hadn’t killed him or the rest of his friends. It looks like Reapers lie, too.

Desperate, Sally goes to Nurse Zoe and Nick for answers, but they’ve never heard about the Reaper and send her to the ghost group for answers. When she arrives, she finds the Reaper has slaughtered everyone, and Zoe blames Sally.

Julia and Josh continue the awkward “ex”-dance in the hospital halls, when Josh runs into Stu, the friend who was killed the night he was attacked and turned into the wolf. Stu was pissed at Josh for a long time, but now he’s back to make amends. What I’ve learned about Being Human (US): When someone from your past shows up out of the blue, it can never be a good thing.

Stu follows Josh everywhere, being both the devil and the angel on his shoulder. Josh and Julia begin to reconnect and talk of med school. He fights to resist her feminine wiles, but his devil has other plans. Pervy Stu jumps in and takes control, using Josh to bed Julia. There are those ulterior motives. Damn! Josh can never seem to catch a break. He awakens later to find Stu has screwed them both. Stu’s unrequited love for Julia now makes consequences for Josh. Does he break her heart by leaving her, or suck her back into his messed up life? 

Fearing for her life, Sally tries to protect herself from the Reaper. Nick pops in and tries to calm her down and deliver some shocking news: there is no Reaper. Sally’s spiraling insanity has turned her into a supernatural Sybil! She is, and has always been, the Reaper. Hello, New Sally!

Outside the flat, Josh re-meets the recovered Henry and immediately realizes what Aidan did, in their home. There was only one way for Henry to recover that quickly. Betrayed, Josh accuses Aidan of forgetting the whole point of livng together and creating a home for them both. The two enter the house just in time to see Sally shred Nick and fully embrace her Reaper side. She goes tornado on the house, and Aidan has to impale her with iron to knock her out. She wakes up in her usual spot on the stairs, in a circle of salt. It’s the only way they can contain her.

Goodbye, Old Sally. We’ll miss you. Let the intervention begin.

Jim C. is a sci-fi/supernatural/federation/superhero/Cylon teacher nerd, obsessed with TV, books and film. He spent his childhood reading comics, writing morbid horror stories and being the token tormented class homo, but he thinks he turned out pretty freakin’ awesome. image