Game of Thrones: All in the Family

Season 2 of Game of Thrones has already fallen into a comfortable norm for TV drama. It no longer has to “grab” the audience with sudden violence or spur-of-the-moment action to get their attention. It’s now in a place where intricate exposition builds tension and drama, relying on the intelligence of the viewers to stay riveted. And for the new viewers, or the chronically ADD like me, “The Night Lands” still has a sackful of sex scenes to keep the other heads entertained.
Young Lady Arya Stark is still traveling North with the renegades and criminals bound for the Night’s Watch, and she’s tougher than most of the men on the chain gang. While there’s no masking the fact that she’s a girl, even with the name change and the Prince Valiant hairdon’t, she seems to have fooled most of the surrounding dolts. Now, if only she can get safe passage to Winterfell. 
When officers of the king come looking for Gendry, the jailer refuses to bow down. Apparently, men destined for the Night’s Watch have fallen out of jurisdiction of the king. That’s mighty lucky for sexy young Gendry, King Robert’s last remaining bastard son, and true heir to the throne. Unfortunately for Arya, though, she blows her cover to Gendry and has to admit why she thought the men were coming for her. Smarter than he looks, Gendry knew she was a girl, but now teases her for being a lady, and the sexual tension begins. I have no doubt these two will become the new power-couple to be reckoned with.
Tyrion is certainly making himself comfortable as the King’s Hand, but more importantly, he’s showing himself to be a strong leader. Add him to a list of powerful, fun-sized rulers throughout history, but his political game shows the makings of a true king. His decisions earn him many enemies: he threatens the eunuch for being too nosy, criticizes the Queen regent for the slaughter of babies and exiles the current Commander of the City watch, replacing him with his own, more trustworthy subject. While Tyrion and Cersei disagree on the threat from the North, he seems to know the worst will be coming.
Planning to defeat the king and reclaim their respective thrones is the main charge of the other Lords of the Land. After a nine-year absence and alliance with the Starks, Theron journeys home to Pyke on the Iron Islands to seek the help of his father, a man who once fought against Ned Stark. Not receiving quite the welcome he expected, Theron meets a lady friend, Yara, who lets him hitch a ride to the castle. Ever the horny ambassador, Theron molests all of her lady parts for the entire ride, and her lack of resistance suggests she’s quite enjoying it, too.
Once with his father, Theron is criticized, accused of being a traitor and called a woman and a whore. Wow, it’s like he’s a modern-day gay teen. After degrading Theron, Lord Greyjoy brings in the one child he trusts, knowing her strength and family loyalty. Enter Yara. While Theron was blindsided, Yara knowingly enjoyed the incestuous fondling the whole time. Take that, Lannisters!
In his own quest to take the throne at King’s Landing, Stannis Baratheon is recruiting the ranks of pirates to build his army. The incentive he’s waving in front of them is their favorite booty: gold. His Fire Priestess companion is providing him with a vision, with infidelity and promises of a son, a new heir to the throne.
North of the wall, in the suspiciously female-dominated keep, awkward Samwell befriends one of Caster’s pregnant daughter wives, Gilly. Is Britain that small, or are the Skins kids simply made for these roles? First Gendry, now Gilly. Every time I meet a new character, I feel like I’m back in the teenage underground of Bristol. She begs them to take her with them, but when John Snow presses her for the reason, all she will say is that she’s worried her child will be a boy. That night, John Snow follows Caster into the night woods where he watches in horror as he feeds his newborn son to the wolves.
While very little energy is spent on Daenerys, dying in the Red Waste, it’s certainly clear all the action is headed to King’s Landing. No doubt, the powder kegs will soon ignite, and the action will explode.
How do you see the fight for the throne playing out? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Jim C. is a sci-fi/supernatural/federation/superhero/Cylon teacher nerd, obsessed with TV, books and film. He spent his childhood reading comics, writing morbid horror stories and being the token tormented class homo, but he thinks he turned out pretty freakin’ awesome. image
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