Happy Birthday to Us!

Four years ago this week, using only a box of paper clips, a He-Man action figure and a handful of glitter, I launched Fanboys of the Universe as a little oasis on the web, a place for me and some friends to hang out and celebrate our gay geek interests. My goal at the time was to make it to a year. So, I’m both proud and amazed that we’ve made it to four! I thought for sure the champagne budget would sink us within the first few weeks. Four years seem like such a short time, yet things have changed so much, not only on the site, but in the world of technology, communications and social networking. (We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!) 
Don’t worry, I won’t get too introspective here. That’s really more of a 5th anniversary kind of thing, anyway. However, I would like to say a few words and offer some heartfelt thanks to the folks who have been helpful and/or influential along the way.
In my travels, and through this site, I have found the people who enjoy or participate in geek culture to be some of the most geniuine, generous and creative people in the world. (They’re pretty hot, too.) On numerous occasions, I have been the lucky recipient of an unsolicited kind word, some helpful instruction or simply a good laugh, all from the generous souls in the gay geek community. I have enjoyed an easy-going warmth and encouragement from you that, in turn, I have tried to pay back via the site and its various social networking channels. (We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!) 
My main goal, as we head into our fifth year of existence, is to use FBOTU to give something back to the community. I want to explore new ways to bring attention to the people and causes that need it and to continue to act as a resource for site members looking to build gay geek communities wherever they happen to be in the world.   
In closing, I’d like to thank the members of Team FBOTU, past and present, for their contributions to the site. I look forward to continuing to expand the opinions and points of view available to our readers. I’d also like to thank you, the site members, for being part of the FBOTU community. Your input and feedback have helped shape what we do here, and it’s been a privilege getting to know you, both online and in person. Remember, you can always email us at or get in touch via social networking. (We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!) 
Now, let’s have cake!

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